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    María de SaaS is a dream, a dream of childhood, adolescence, youth and maturity, which has become a reality. In each stitch, in each sketch, in each garment and in each complement, there is a lot of imagination and illusion to keep moving forward and growing.


    In María de SaaS we enjoy creating clothes for children of all ages and accessories for the whole family. We take care of all the details producing and making in Spain in an artisanal way, with care in every stitch, with selected fabrics and beads in all corners of the world. Looking for comfort and quality at the best possible price so that our children can dress in any occasion, it does not matter if it is for an event or for an afternoon of games. Always with the chic touch of our designs.


    Each season we continue to build this dream that we are passionate about. Because, as my father said … things with illusion always go well.


    Thank you for being part of it.

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